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This Guide Will Include

Orthodontic Options

Pricing Factors

$300 Savings

And More!

Clear Aligners


Tray or aligner systems are a modern straightening method. A series of clear plastic trays are designed with sophisticated software and 3D digital models of your teeth. Clear aligners are medical-grade plastic without wires, metal, springs, or rubber bands to gently straighten teeth. In many cases, gradual pressure on specific teeth with each aligner means less discomfort and shortened treatment times. We send you home with several sets of aligners at a time so that you simply change to a new one at home every 1-2 weeks.


Patients appreciate setting aside removable trays for normal eating and cleaning during the day. Imagine enjoying an apple without the intrusion of brackets and wires. And the smooth plastic surface offers more comfort to the tongue and cheeks compared to traditional braces.


It’s essential that clear aligner patients commit to at least 22 hours of daily wear to ensure an optimal result. Clear aligners work extremely well for adults, but a responsible teen can be a candidate too. Many patients have discovered the perks of straight teeth with aligners.



  • Straighten your teeth in stealth mode

  • Allow you to you eat the foods you like during treatment

  • Make cleaning and brushing easy

  • Close eye-catching gaps

  • Correct overlap/crowding issue


Something For Everyone


While aligner treatment works for 90% of straightening cases, some tooth movements may not be possible. Or you may simply prefer the security of fixed braces.  More choices than ever exist for many procedures in dentistry allowing customized care for your situation. Dr. Galvan can help you discover the path to a straighter smile.


You may discuss adding whitening to your plan, removing years of yellow stain accumulation.  In some cases, the beauty of porcelain lifts a straight smile to another level or may even offer an alternative to orthodontics.  And you may be pleasantly surprised to find a flexible payment option or undiscovered insurance benefits that make treatment closer than you think. 

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